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Alex and Pepper

Before you continue, I should say that this site is horribly out-of-date, both from a design and content perspective. One day I will will update this site, but for now I am just too busy. Please check me out on LinkedIn for more current info.

My name is Alex Kuhl and welcome to my site! I've been described by a friend as a sugary donut full of skepticism. I'm not sure what that means but I'm pretty confident that it's not good. If you figure it out let me know. After hearing the above, another friend said I may be more of a cinnamon twist of cynicism. Not sure which I prefer yet.

I typically am found solving the latest mathematical challenges while wrestling wild bears in the Appalachian Mountains. When actually at home, I am located in the Northern Kentucky region near Cincinnati, OH and can often be seen wandering around the halls of Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CBTS) striking thoughtful poses and mumbling to myself. In other words, acting like a computer scientiest and/or computer security professional while I plunder the high seas of industry. At CBTS I work on the Advanced Cyber Security team primarily working with clients to perform security assessments, with a focus on web applications and social engineering. I also keep my programming skills fresh by working on internal tool development.

Previously I taught as a lecturer at Northern Kentucky University, where my beard stroking was honed to perfection and I learned a thing or two about educating, programming, android, computer graphics, java, C++, ruby, python, and the list goes on. My graduate education was at North Carolina State University. My Masters research involved using texture synthesis to trick the human visual perception system into thinking it was seeing really cool graphics, with a little human-computer interaction (HCI) thrown in for good measure. Security and cryptology were my undergrad research areas, which I keep up on so that I can more easily confuse people. Speaking of, my undergraduate school was NKU where I obtained a B.S. with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Oh, I also have a side business doing web design and programming called Paper Traitors. We specialize in working with small businesses in the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, but we are happy to take anyone's money. So if you have any web, mobile, social media, or most any other kinds of IT consulting needs give us a ring!

Interests outside my intellectual field include hiking, disc golf, guitar, typography, and anything away from technology. Does that make me a bad computer geek? The anti-geek? Or would that be inverse geek?

If you'd like to send money, compliments, marriage proposals, or (most importantly) lucrative job offers then e-mail is the best route: alex ~|AT|~ If you have complaints or the like, type up an e-mail and send it to yourself so that it will get read with interest!

Please visit the stuff page to learn more about me (and why wouldn't you?).