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Although this list will probably not be as long as the movies, it is a much more rewarding list.
Total: 28

The Aronoff's marquee

Performance Date Venue
Chicago 10/02/2004 Aronoff Center for the Arts - Cincinnati
Miss Saigon Nov/Dec 2004 Aronoff
A Christmas Carol 12/20/2004 Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Bad Dates 02/12/2005 Playhouse
Leap Feb/March 2005 Playhouse
Movin' Out Feb/March 2006 Aronoff
Big River March 2005 Aronoff
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Sept 2005 Playhouse
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Oct/Nov 2005 Playhouse
Reduced Shakespeare: Complete History of America 11/18/2005 Playhouse
Reduced Shakespeare: All the Great Books (Abridged) 11/26/2005 Playhouse
The Clean House 01/28/2006 Playhouse
Company March/Apr 2006 Playhouse
Witness for the Prosecution 05/06/2006 Playhouse
Of Mice and Men Sept. 2006 Playhouse
A Christmas Carol Dec. 2006 Playhouse
The Death of Fyodor Dostoyevsky Jan/Feb 2007 Manbites Dog Theater - Durham
The Man in the Desert Feb 2007 Theatre in the Park - Raleigh
Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat Spring 2007 Progress Energy Center - Raleigh
Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure May 2007 Playhouse
Joshua Lozoff's Beyond Belief 04/12/2008 Manbites Dog
Act a Lady 12/14/2008 Manbites Dog
Performance Art Night VII 01/31/2009 Common Ground
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 05/07/2009 Playhouse
Sleuth 10/02/2009 Playhouse
Three Sisters 11/05/2009 Playhouse
The Santaland Diaries & Season's Greetings 12/04/2009 New Edgecliff Theatre
Sideways Stories from Wayside School 12/11/2009 Know Theatre
The Fall of Heaven 02/16/2010 Playhouse
Adding Machine 02/19/2010 Know Theatre
Wicked 02/20/2010 Schuster Center
The Understudy 10/16/2010 Playhouse
Dracula 11/05/2010 Cincinnati Shakespeare
You Can't Take It With You 11/12/2010 Playhouse
A Wrinkle In Time 12/10/2010 Know Theater
Santaland Diaries 12/17/2010 New Edgecliff Theater
The Second City Does Cincinnati: Pride and Porkopolis 12/19/2010 Playhouse
Over The Tavern 02/19/2011 Playhouse
Aliens with Extraordinary Skills 02/26/2011 Know
Carousel 04/16/2011 Carnegie
The Dragon 04/23/2011 Know
The Pavilion 06/01/2011 Playhouse
Buddy Cop 2 06/16/2011 Manbites Dog
God of Carnage 09/17/2011 Playhouse
As You Like It 10/15/2011 Playhouse
Red 11/05/2011 Playhouse
The Santaland Diaries 12/16/2011 New Edgecliff
Christmas Carol 12/23/2011 Playhouse
Dead Accounts 01/21/2012 Playhouse
Merrily We Roll Along 03/24/2012 Playhouse
The Addams Family 04/01/2012 Aronoff
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson 04/14/2012 Know
Second City 2: More Pork 05/26/2012 Playhouse
Porgy & Bess 06/30/2012 Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall
The Three Musketeers 09/08/2012 Playhouse
Brighton Beach Memoirs 10/14/2012 Playhouse
Titus Andronicus 10/27/2012 Cincinnati Shakespeare
The Book Club Play 03/30/2013 Playhouse
Double Indemnity 04/27/2013 Playhouse